12V 24V Submarine Underwater LED Fishing Lights

12V 24V Submarine Underwater LED Fishing Lights in Green Blue Red White

12V 24V Submarine Underwater LED Fishing Lights. Comlite is one of Chinese Top 10 LED fishing lights manufacturers with 8W-3000W LED Fishing Lights series. Surmine LED Light can be for diving and fishing, which are Fishermen popular LED Fishing lights. When in Lake deep sea river, fishing LED Lights attract fish and squid.

Comlite LED Limited offers wide range of LED underwater lights. For 12-24VDC input series, they are from 8W to 500W.

8W 10W LED fishing light is for fishing with 12-24VDC input. 20w COB New LED Fishing Light can be dimmable or 230VAC input, also 12-24V. 30w 6meter cable LED fishing light is 360 degree. Green COB 60W LED fishing lamp squid lights is very nice with good price. With 140W 200w 300w 400w and 500W LED Fishing Lights, we get more fish gathering. Because they are good lake sea ocean river fishing equipment.  500W LED Submarine light is a good choice for diving lighting too.

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