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We are focused on outdoor underwater LED lights, professional on Underwater IP68 LED lights, deep sea fishing lights, LED diving Lights, outdoor decorative lightings for garden, pool, swimming pool, spa, hot spring, Wall, steps, park, club, and so on.

We have a professional R & D department to launch new products every month.

Underwater LED fishing Lights in green blue white or yellow are in stock waiting for you.

The MOQ for LED filament bulbs 200pcs.

Rechargeable LED flood lights 5pcs.

8W 10W, 20W 30W 60W 140W 200W 300W 400W Underwater LED Fishing Lights, LED diving Lights: 6PCS.

Green Underwater LED Fishing Lights outdoor LED lights

500W 1000W 1500W Deepsea LED fishing Light: 1pc.

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LED underwater lights, LED underground lights, LED Fishing Lights, LED outdoor decorative lightings, Underwater LED Lights: 1 year warranty.

Underwater LED Fishing Lights, LED Diving Lights take 1-2days.

LED underwater lights, LED underground lights take 5-15 days.

The other LED indoor/outdoor lights take 7-10 days.

For bulk orders will take about 30-35 days.

By DHL, UPS, FEDEX. By air or by sea ( It depends on clients’ choice ).

Usually 50% for deposit, balance before shipment. By TT, Western Union, LC. Or Paypal for sample order.

We pay attention to your any feedback, and reply you within 24hours.

How does Comlite LED fishing lights work:

How does Comlite LED fishing lights work

Within minutes, microscopic creatures called zooplankton begin to home in on the green light source, very much the way insects are drawn to outdoor lighting. Small fish soon follow, attracted by the zooplankton. Each link in the food chain is followed by the next, over minutes and hours.

The water around the light will actually become foggy with the swirling masses of copepods, small shrimp, and other microorganisms. Large baitfish schools (species dependent on location) will actually learn the location of the light and show up night after night to feed.

This behavior is mimicked by predator fish who soon learn that easy meals can be found in the shadows surrounding the glow. Within a few weeks, your dock will be a regular feeding station for the local fish populations.

All this unfolds right before your eyes, and from the comfort of your own home. Watch as predatory fish slash their way through schools of baitfish, or suck shrimp from the surface right in front of you.


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What are the effect of Underwatear LED Fishing lights with different color?

A: White light mainly for General purpose.
Blue light mainly for Prawns and fish.
Yellow light mainly for Topmouth culter, Hemiculter and fish.
Green is the top choice for fishing.


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Why Underwater Fishing Lights Help You Catch More Fish

1. Fishing Lights Attract Zooplankton.
2. You Can Set Underwater Fishing Lights Where it’s Most Convenient for You.
3. Underwater Fishing Lights are Designed to Be Rugged.
4. Game Fish Get the Advantage at Night.
5.Submersible Lights Can Help You Stay on the Water Longer.
1.The transformation of large fishing vessels
2.Light cover net, sea fishing
3.Cage net, small fishing net
4.Silver nets,fishermen modified net
5.Fish ponds,fishing in the lake.

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