What color of LED fishing light is best?

What color of LED fishing light is best

What color of LED fishing light is best?

Whether it’s a freshwater lake or saltwater, nothing helps you catch more fish between the hours of dusk and dawn than floating and submersible fishing lights.  Fishing lights are usually available in blue, green, and white colors depending on the type of water you want to fish in.  You’re probably wondering “why not other colors such as purple or red? Does color really matter?” With all due respect, yes it does.  In fact, it matters quite a bit.  And there is years of research to back that up.

A Bit of Fishing Light History

Ironically, green light has only become popular within the past couple of decades.  Up to that point in time, fishermen always used white light when fishing at night.  The first types of fishing lights were crude and simple.  In fact, they weren’t much more than a Coleman lantern mounted on a styrofoam ring and secured with a cord, rope or some type of weight to hold them from drifting.  Today’s night fishing lights are considerably more sophisticated and come in a variety of colors.

What Color Works best?

According to several studies, green and white light is the most attractive to plankton.
White light gets absorbed quickly and therefore cannot penetrate very deep. Consequently, green light is more effective at luring in the fish.

There are some baitfish and sportfish that are attracted to the green and blue light. But surprisingly, blue light is more effective in saltwater and usually won’t attract baitfish in freshwater. green is still the superior light color to use for attracting baitfish.

So when you decide to try night fishing and you’re shopping for the right lighting to use, green is probably going to be your best option of all colors.


In short: What color of LED fishing light is best?

Fresh water: Green light is better than white light. (White light gets absorbed quickly.)

Salty water:  Green light or blue light. (Blue light won’t attract baitfish in freshwater.)


Now we know why green underwater LED fishing light is popular in the market.

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